Get Native!

Welcome to Get Native! This is a club where you can study English little and often, with the help of native speakers.  It’s time to overcome the language barrier that’s holding you back!

This set of mini-courses is designed to help you understand the speech of native speakers of English.  The mini-courses allow you to hear and break down genuine English conversations on various topics. You will be widening your vocabulary, gaining valuable listening practice and increasing your confidence in your English skills.

The material is presented in a way that allows you to study little and often; this is the key to success in language learning!  One chapter of Go Native! is designed for study over three or four days.  When learning a language independently, it’s important to keep your goals realistic and achievable.  It’s definitely better to find half an hour, or even twenty minutes a few times a week, than a spending hours with your books for a day, then getting tired, fatigued…and doing nothing for a long time!  You might have already heard the saying “practice makes perfect” – it definitely applies here!


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The goal is to learn English
  • Premium Interactive Course Access
  • Private Facebook Group Membership
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  • When are new lessons available?

    New lessons and all the associated materials are shared at the start of each calendar month.

  • Are the live webinars at the same time every month?

    I aim to keep webinars on the last Friday of every calendar month.  However, you will always be given as much notice as possible if a webinar is rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • What if I’m not available to join the webinar?

    I try to keep webinars accessible for all members of the club!  However, you’ll appreciate that different time zones (especially in the case of Russia!) mean that the time of day may not always be suitable.  I will always do my best to find a “happy medium” to ensure a maximum number of participants, but if you find that the timing of webinars is consistently impossible, you can opt for discounted membership and still receive all the monthly lesson material and interactive course access.

  • Is this suitable for me?

    The VIP Zone is best for:

    -native Russian speakers

    -learners with a level of English that is pre-intermediate or higher

    -learners who are ready to commit to breaking the speaking barrier with regular practice

    -learners who are nervous about speaking English but want to progress in a friendly environment

    It is not ideal for:

    -complete beginners or learners with an elementary level of English

    -learners who don’t have the time to commit to regular learning

  • Is there a free trial or money back guarantee?

    If you are not satisfied in the first 30 days with the benefits that your membership provides, I will give you a refund, no questions asked.

  • Can I access the VIP Zone on a mobile?

    Yes!  You can access the VIP Zone on any of your preferred devices: laptop, smartphone or tablet.


By following the exercises in order, you’ll begin with a list of useful words and phrases to help you understand the video clip of a genuine conversation between native speakers of English.  After the video, you can check your comprehension with a simple, interactive exercise.  I also draw your attention to some of the phrases and constructions you heard in the clip and give you chance to put your knowledge into practice with more interactive exercises.

In this way, you can practise and learn the skills you need to understand real conversations between native speakers of English, as you widen your vocabulary and gain new knowledge.

If you have ever said:

  • “I have studied English for years, but I’ve never had much practice with native speakers”.
  • “I need to understand real English conversations”
  • “Those Brits just speak too fast!”
  • “I understand the words, but I just can’t follow English conversations!”

Then Go Native! Is for you.

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