How can I find affordable online lessons with a native English speaker?

You too can join a small group of English learners for high quality, affordable lessons with an experienced, qualified native speaker!

I love my time online with all my students and I often talk to my family and friends about how lucky I feel to have constant contact with such an interesting, diverse and generally amazing set of individuals.

While helping my students to achieve their English goals and listening to them talking about their plans and challenges, I decided it was time to challenge myself! It’s been a long time since I taught group lessons and 2020 has definitely taught me that we can improvise and adapt!

So I’m really excited to announce the launch of group lessons, which I’ll be running alongside my friend and colleague, Maya. Our first 4-week course, “English Masterclass” starts on. The 60-minute lessons are dedicated to giving you the chance to:

  • perfect your English skills by correcting common mistakes,
  • break the language barrier with ample speaking time,
  • learn to finally understand native speakers of English in a calm, encouraging environment. No more “rabbit in the headlights” moments after these masterclasses!

If you are at a pre-intermediate level or above and lack confidence in your English, come and join us! Places are limited to 6 people per group, to give students a high-quality, yet cost effective session with us as experienced native English teachers.

See you soon?..

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