English Writing Courses

Writing… possibly the hardest language skill of all!  If your English level is intermediate or above, but you still need to improve your writing, I can help you hone your skills with my writing improvement packs.

You will see that the writing packs cover various English functions (responding to a complaint, expressing your opinion etc.), registers (formal and informal) and topics.

How does it work?

  1. Download your chosen pack from my site.
  2. Complete the tasks in the pack: these tasks are designed to help you improve your English literacy, speed and confidence when writing. You will look at common writing structures, collocations and patterns, so that you start to achieve correct written English!
  3. Get personal help from experienced native speakers to improve your written English: complete the 150-word task and get detailed feedback from me and my team, to get the most from your writing pack.*
  4. We identify your mistakes, thoroughly explain how to correct them and sort them into categories (tense, articles, collocations, word order etc.), so that you can easily see your strengths and areas for focus.
  5. Realise how easy it is to actively improve your English writing skills… and download more writing packs 😉

*Feedback is given at a cost of £25 per 150-word assignment. Complete and submit your assignment via the contact box on the right.  You will then be contacted personally by your native speaker tutor via WhatsApp to process payment, before receiving your detailed comments.

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